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Gucci Outlet is designed to create awareness and foster the open exchange of ideas among Indiana entities engaged in pharmaceutical research, from discovery to production and spanning an ecosystem that includes individual consultants, contract research firms, global companies, universities, clinics, disease management organizations and research institutes. IPhRA members have worked together on many R/D projects for client sponsors from the smallest, virtual pharma to the largest global players. Members have worked for clients in series, as well as independently, in parallel. Some members are pharma themselves and have used the services of other members. There are no preconceived notions beyond the fact of “need to know” confidentiality backed by regulatory rigor. Further, there are no implied economic relationships between members.  There is no shared equity or finders fees and there is no cost to be a member of IPhRA. This is a research and development organization, thus we welcome consultants, contract labs and manufacturers with that focus. We do not welcome general business service firms in law, accounting, marketing, recruiting or banking.

The Indiana medical device community has its own group of longstanding, The Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council (IMDMC).  They can be found at  .

The Cheap Gucci strives to enable entrepreneurship in lifesciences and medicine throughout Indiana. This is achieved through social networking, education and events featuring experienced entrepreneurs. Upcoming programs are listed at

Gucci Belts is an affiliate of the Indiana Ohio Discussion Group (IODG) which is organized by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS). IODG sponsors meetings on pharmaceutical R/D and regulatory topics that are generally held either in the Indianapolis or Cincinnati metropolitan areas.

The Indiana/Ohio AAPS Discussion Group facilitates discussions of technical and scientific topics of interest to pharmaceutical scientists. Meetings usually consist of networking, dinner, and an interesting talk given by a regional expert on a particular topic. The "I/ODG" typically holds meetings quarterly. It is not necessary to be a member of the AAPS to attend discussion group meetings. Some past discussion group talks have included:

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